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Vatican City

Yearbook 2012

Vatican City. In February, church leaders from across the Catholic world gathered for a four-day meeting at the Vatican to prevent pedophilia within the church. Participants included bishops from 100 countries and leaders of 33 order societies.

2012 Vatican City

According to countryaah, the Pope has begun to tweet. Once a day during Easter (40 days starting February 22), Pope Benedict XVI tweeted on @ Pope2YouVatican. His first tweet was: "Let's pay attention to one another and encourage one another to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24)."

The Vatican's website was hacked in March by hacker group Anonymous. The site could not be accessed for several hours. The reason for the attack was stated to be the atrocity of the Roman Catholic Church during the course of history - i.a. murder of heretics, sex scandals and the condemnation of contraceptives and abortions.

In March, the Pope visited, among other things. Cuba and had a meeting with the country's former leader Fidel Castro. The Pope participated in a fair at the Revolution Square in Havana with over 300,000 participants.

The Pope's butler was arrested in May on suspicion of interfering in a noteworthy case - called "VatiLeaks" - involving extensive corruption and slanderous policies. The butler, Paolo Gabriele, must have leaked secret documents from Benedict XVI 's private office. In a trial in the fall, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. In December, Benedict XVI approached Paolo Gabriele. He personally went to the butler in prison to give him the message.

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