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Yearbook 2012

Tunisia. In the aftermath of the so-called Jasmine Revolution in 2011, many Tunisians expressed their disappointment at missing changes. According to countryaah, some, including academics and miners, demonstrated during the spring under the auspices of the union against the high unemployment. At the end of November, police in the town of Siliana, 12 miles south of Tunis, intervened with violence against protesters demanding action against unemployment. At least 200 people were injured. At other times, women protested against restrictions on women's rights and against the government's suggestion that women in the country's new constitution should be described as a "complement" to men.

2012 Tunisia

Other dissatisfied, especially young men, turned to the most dogmatic branch of Islam, Salafism. that Islamic law should be introduced. One person was killed in June when salafists attacked, among other things. police stations and trade union offices in protest of an art exhibit they deemed blasphemed Islam. In September, two protesters were killed at the US Embassy in Tunis, protesting against an Islamophobic movie clip on the YouTube website. When salafists attacked a police station in October, another person was reported to have been killed.

A commission commissioned to produce a proposal for a new media law resigned in July in protest of what it meant was government censorship. The government had dismissed several senior executives in the public service media, something criticized by the Reporters Without Borders organization.

Many young men left in boats across the Mediterranean to try to get work in especially Italy. In October, such a ship with at least 100 people capsized and only 56 were found alive.

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