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Yearbook 2012

Nicaragua. In the municipal elections held on November 4, the ruling party won the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN) big. No less than 134 of Nicaragua's 153 mayoral positions are now held by the party, including the capital Managua and all 17 provincial capitals except one. The victory in Managua was devastating; FSLN candidate Daysi Torres won no less than 83% of the vote, and in León the victory was even greater, 87%. In total, FSLN received 75% of all votes cast in the municipal elections.

2012 Nicaragua

As has been the case on a regular basis since President Daniel Ortega came to power in 2007, the elections were filled with allegations of electoral fraud by both the domestic opposition and the United States, with violence, riots and demonstrations as a result and political concerns over the credibility of the election process. In the Matagalp province, clashes between protesters and police led to deaths. According to countryaah, the police's actions were also criticized by the opposition as a reflection of the fact that the FSLN has dominated the judiciary and the Electoral Commission since the 1980s. However, there was never any mention of international reprisals, such as after the 2008 election, when the US and the EU suspended aid to Nicaragua pending investigations into electoral fraud.

In early June, President Ortega announced plans to revive the more than 100-year-old idea of ​​creating a water link between the Caribbean and the Pacific. The project would involve the construction of a canal from Lake Nicaragua to the west, but also that the San Juan River would become an important sea route to the east, creating concern in neighboring Costa Rica, with which Nicaragua has a border dispute in the area. In early July, Congress approved the project, which is estimated to cost $ 30 billion.

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