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Yearbook 2012

2012 MexicoMexico. On July 1, presidential and congressional elections were held, which may well be described as historic. The old power party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which completely dominated Mexican politics for 70 years but lost its presidential power for the first time in 2000, returned to the presidency after twelve years. The party's candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto, who led an alliance with Mexico's Green Ecological Party (PVEM), won just over 38% of the cast, while his main rival Andrés Manuel López Obrador from a left-wing coalition led by the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), received 31.6%. The candidate for the National Action Party (PAN) came in third place. However, López Obrador did not approve of the election results and youth movement Yo Soy 132 immediately conducted street demonstrations in protest of Peña Nieto's victory.

2012 Mexico

According to countryaah, Peña Nieto assured that PRI, which made itself known for seven decades as a powerful and corrupt party, changed after twelve years in opposition. However, his official installation as newly elected president December 1 was surrounded by protests and unrest.

In the newly elected Congress, PRI failed to achieve its own majority, either in the Senate or in the Second Chamber, but together with the alliance partner PVEM and the small New Alliance Party (PANAL), PRI controls exactly 251 of the 500 seats in the Second Chamber. Other parties may support PRI on specific point issues, e.g. the proposal to open for private investment in the state oil company Pemex, for which the PRD has stated.

In the seven governor elections held July 1, PRI won the biggest victory by winning in Mexico's fourth largest state, Jalisco, which PAN governed since 1995, and in Chiapas PVEM won its first governor post ever. The parties managed to retain the governor's posts in Guanajuato (PAN), Yucatán (PRI) and Mexico City (Distrito Federal), PRD. In the state of Tabasco, PRI lost power for the first time in 83 years.

On February 19, a riot broke out among the prisoners in Apodaca prison outside the city of Monterrey demanding the life of 44 prisoners, the worst prison massacre in Mexico's history. Otherwise, however, the violence statistics showed a declining trend for the first time ever. Kidnappings and murders in the most violent cities showed a slight decrease compared to the previous year. Organized crime also suffered setbacks through the arrest of Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez, "El Coss", leader of the criminal organization Golf Cartel.

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