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Yearbook 2012

2012 IsraelIsrael. According to countryaah, the country's largest opposition party Kadima, also the largest party in the Knesset parliament, joined the Conservative government coalition under Benjamin Netanyahu in May. With 94 of Knesset's 120 mandates, the government became the most powerful the country has ever had. But already in July, the Kadima government left after disagreements over whether students at Orthodox Jewish schools would be covered by the general military duty.

Another question for the government was the settlers. Military and police on several occasions evicted settlers from houses in Palestinian territory on the grounds that they were erected without permission. The issue created tension in the government, where a couple of parties on the far right were represented, with the result that at the same time the evictions, other settlements were legally declared.

2012 Israel

Netanyahu announced a new election to the Knesset in October 2013 after he failed to gather support in Parliament for the tight budget. The protests against the government's austerity policy that started in 2011 continued on a smaller scale.

The area on the southern border of Israel was troubled. Disputes broke out in November with Islamist Hamas and its allies in the Gaza Strip. Israeli air defense The Iron Dome was mobilized but three civilian Israelis were killed and at least one missile from Gaza landed as far north as just outside Tel Aviv. In Gaza, a large number of civilians, including children, were killed by Israeli shelling.

Since the fall of the Egyptian regime under Hosni Mubarak, militant groups had also been given greater leeway in Sinai on the Egyptian side of the border. Several people, both civilians and soldiers as well as militiamen, were killed during the year. On August 5, 16 Egyptian border guards were killed in an attack.

In October, Israel shot down an unmanned and unmanned reconnaissance plan, a so-called drone, near a nuclear reactor in the southern part of the country. The Shiite Muslim Hizbullah movement in Lebanon is said to have sent up the plane, which was manufactured in Iran.

In January, Knesset legislated that undocumented immigrants could be detained indefinitely without trial. Israelis who help the paperless could also be punished much harder than before. The human rights organization Amnesty International criticized the law. In the Negev Desert at the border with Egypt, Israel built a refugee refuge with room for 8,000 people. It happened that refugees from Eritrea, Sudan and other countries in Africa got stuck at the border and the UN Refugee Commission criticized Israel in September for not allowing them to enter and seek asylum. At least 50,000 paperless immigrants were estimated to be in Israel.

Israeli targets abroad were subjected to several acts of terrorism, the worst against a tourist bus in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria, July 18, when five Israeli tourists were killed and about 30 injured. Israel suspected that Iran or its allies in Hizbullah were behind the attacks.

The conflict with Iran escalated and several Israeli government officials threatened in the spring with an attack on Iranian nuclear fission facilities.

Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned in December after he was indicted for trespassing against the chief. He gave up his parliamentary immunity to stand trial.

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