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Yearbook 2012

Croatia. According to countryaah, two thirds of voters voted in January for Croatia's EU membership, but voter turnout was only 43.5%. Among the Naysayers were mainly right-wing nationalists, and they suffered a setback when the war criminal convicted former general Ante Gotovina expressed his support for membership, saying that Croatia belongs in the EU. Membership was expected to take effect in 2013.

2012 Croatia

In March, the Croatian Parliament approved the Accession Treaty, which was concluded with the EU in December 2011. Parliament in the EU's existing member states did the same gradually over the year. One exception, however, was Slovenia, which demanded that an unresolved banking conflict with Croatia be resolved first. The two former Yugoslav republics disputed savings, which a large number of Croats claimed to have had in a Slovenian bank when Yugoslavia began to collapse in 1991.

Teachers, nurses and other public servants demonstrated in October, in protest of wage cuts and other cuts in the public sector, in the first major protest against the left-wing alliance that took place just under a year earlier.

In November, the war hero Gotovina and the co-accused General Mladen Markac˘, both of whom were sentenced to long prison sentences in 2011. According to the Supreme Court of the War Criminal Tribunal in The Hague where the judges were appealed, evidence was found that they were responsible for war crimes against Serbs in Krajina in 1995. cheering crowds as they returned to Croatia.

Former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader was sentenced in November to ten years in prison and € 5 million in fines for receiving millions in bribes from the Austrian bank Hypo in 1994 and from the Croatian oil company MOL 2009.

The economy was under severe pressure, and unemployment was just over 17%. A glimmer of light was reports that the tourist year seemed to be the best so far. Nearly 10 million foreign tourists visited Croatia in just two summer months.

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