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Yearbook 2012

Chile. In the municipal elections held on October 28, the ruling center-right alliance suffered major defeats to the opposition center-left alliance Concertación. The opposition increased the number of municipalities under its rule by 21 to 168, while the candidates for the government parties lost in 23 mayoral elections and won in 121 municipalities. Among the cities where they lost power were, for example. the capital Santiago, a nationally important political mayor post won by Carolina Tohá, and Chile's second city of Concepción. Another female candidate, Maya Fernández Allende, grandson of the 1973 toppled President Salvador Allende, won in the Santiago suburb of ñuñoa. Municipal elections were always seen as an indicator of the tendency for the next presidential election, which will be held in December 2013. In total, the opposition also won close to 50% of the total number of municipal council seats around the country, while the government coalition only won 33%. However, turnout was only around 45%.

2012 Chile

According to countryaah, the defeat of the government coalition in the municipal elections and the negative opinion polls directly led to the resignation of Infrastructure Minister Laurence Golborne and Defense Minister Andrés Allamand to prepare for the 2013 election campaign. However, President Sebastián Piñera enjoyed good popularity figures. On average, 36% of voters during the year thought he did a good job, mainly due to high economic growth (6% in 2011 and forecasts of 4-5% in 2012), low unemployment (6%) and low inflation (2, 7%).

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