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Yearbook 2012

Bolivia. According to countryaah, the much-debated road construction through the Indian Reserve and Isiboro SÚcure National Park was a hot political topic this year as well. In August, a referendum was held in several of the villages affected by the road construction, and it revealed extensive support for the project. At the same time, villages in the southern part of the area announced that a resistance movement against the building was underway, and roadblocks and barbed wire were being threatened to prevent construction workers from arriving.

2012 Bolivia

The dispute over the road highlighted a widening gap between the government of President Evo Morale and the grass roots. The president was heavily employed by critics for double standards in environmental issues and also for disappointing election promises to workers. At the same time as the protest movement against the road construction in Isiboro SÚcure was stepped up in May, the trade union organization COB (Central Obrera Boliviana) announced a three-day general strike in May in protest of the level of the government's proposal to raise minimum wages, and both medical personnel and transport workers carried out protests. Peasants also heard discontent that the promised land reform had stopped during the previous year.

In October, after two years of preliminary work, the province of Pando issued its statutes on autonomy and submitted them to the so-called multinational court for approval. Pando thus became the first of Bolivia's nine provinces to comply with the provisions of the 2009 multinational constitution.

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